Give them a try! 6 tips to lower your waist

Your waist determines more than you think.

In addition to indicating whether you are overweight, it will significantly influence the acceleration of your aging and health. Your waist has a membrane that surrounds most of the organs that are in the abdomen area, it is known as: Omentum.

The fat located in your waist is the most dangerous unlike the fat deposits that you can have in your arms or legs, why? for the simple reason that it covers your vital organs. The omentum stores fat quickly, causes inflammation in your arteries, liver and immune system. It is one of the causes of premature aging, it causes heart disease, memory loss and wrinkles. When people lose weight, the omentum is reduced, helping to avoid health problems and improving the appearance of our body.

Here are the tips to lower the waist:

30 minutes before your meal eat one of these foods (only one).

12 almonds, 6 whole walnuts, 20 peanuts or 1/4 avocado.

These foods cause the brain to send a message to the body saying: «I am full» and also lower stress levels, so your intake at mealtime will be much lighter.

Eat 25 grams of fiber daily: (Bran flakes, edamames, peppers), this works like a lock between your small and large intestines, it also gives you the feeling of being full.

Smell Grapefruit Oil: The simple act of smelling it tells your body that it doesn’t need to eat, weird, right? But it will lower your anxiety, assured.

  1. Walk 30 minutes a day.

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